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EngrTEAMS Field Test 2017: Chill Out, Vaccines and Heat Transfer


Developed through the EngrTEAMS project, this curriculum unit addresses New Generation Science Standards for elementary grades 4 and 5.
The True Chill Company is working on helping countries that have unreliable access to power keep vaccines cool in warm climates. The students will design a device for the True Chill Company that will keep vaccines cool without being plugged into a power source. Students learn about vaccines and their role in disease prevention. Before designing solutions, students learn about the science of heat energy and heat transfer, conductors, and insulators. Students then plan (design), try (build), test, and decide about (evaluate) a solution to the problem twice, once as an initial design and once in redesign. Finally, student teams write letters to their client describing their vaccine cooler solutions and justifying them with evidence.